Friday, July 26, 2013

A Kiss Goodbye. I'm moving to Word Press!

No, I'm not going to the South of France, Paris, or Spain...I had expected to be posting an excerpt ~ not from my diary, but from my BOOK today ~ Instead, regretfully I am posting a "Must Move" notice. 

You will find me in a few days at my new blog site (and soon to have a WEBSITE to go with it) at  

I just saw Houston A.W. Knight has posted her decision to move her blog as well in support of her friends; me and Miss Cecile... Kisses! Please show your support for Hawk by following her to her new blog at:

Life always has its little ups and downs...but we'll survive!

A good bye kiss for now...when you come over to see me at Word Press ~ I'll give you a kiss and a warm hug hello! *wink*


Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear Readers,

I thought it very important that I tell you, one of the women who inspired me into erotic writing and sharing my life with you through my books, has moved her rave review site from blogger to WORDPRESS. 

Here is the link for you to find her:

I'll warn you, it's hotter than ever and the party's in full swing over there hop on over and enjoy life for a little while!


Friday, June 14, 2013


Last chance to change your mind." He swooped me up into his powerfully muscled arms.

Face to face with this handsome pilot I murmured as I scanned his strong jawline, wanting to run my fingers over it, "Now why on heaven's earth would I want to do that?"

He carried me around the back of the plane to the other side where he took me aboard through the passenger's entrance. The galley was right in front of us, a perfect spot for our afternoon matinee, I thought, but he turned right before releasing my legs from his cradling hold. I now stood in the aisle encased in his arms as he hungrily kissed my throat and upper breasts while his hands slowly drew down the side zipper of my skirt.

With a firm tug the fabric fell to the floor. I felt the heat of his fingers slid under my blouse to find my breasts. His hands were intense as they fondled my hardening nipples. I grabbed his face and gave him a deep, slow, seductive kiss and heard him groan from deep within his chest.

His caress fell and pulled my mound into his erection before returning to remove my blouse. He didn't waste time unbuttoning it, instead he pulled it over my head and dropped it to the floor. His unwavering eyes ogled my nipples before he hiked me up into his arms. With my legs straddling his waist he placed me gently into one of the seats and removed my lace panties, spreading my limbs apart. He then knelt between my legs and ran his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs making sure to brush against my wet pussy lips with each pass he made to the top of my crotch.

"Let me see that Italian stallion." I reached for him but he brushed my hands away, shaking his head ~ No.

"To ride, you've got to tame the beast first." He pulled a bandana from his back pocket and placed it over my eyes, knotting it at the back of my head as he said, "And there's only one way to do that...through touch."

Being blindfolded was a new experience for me, but I was game. I heard the slid of his boots come off and fall to the floor. I felt my body warm with excitement as I visualized my lusty pilot's sexy body. The metal jumping of a zipper being drawn echoed to my heightened hearing, causing my heart to race. The soft thump of his black jeans hitting the floor caused my pulse to pump with anticipation.

I felt his body heat permeate my aura, so he was now hovering over me. The moment I felt the silky flesh of the head of his cock brush across the base of my throat I latched on to it and slid it against my cheek.

"It's so warm." A wave of desire coursed through me as I felt the satin hardness of his cock's head stroke across my bottom lip. I opened my mouth ready for a hungry take, but groaned at the absence of his cock when it didn't immediately pass over my lips. "I want it."

His deep voice taunted. "Seduce me with your touch, words, and desire."

"Why the blindfold?"

"So you'll feel with your soul not your eyes. So far, do you like what you feel?" He tapped his cock over the fleshy part of my upper breasts.

"Your cock feels gorgeous. I'd like to see it."

"But you can' takes heart to tame the wild not sight."

So, I took his challenge. Determined, I reached out and found his cock.

Of course, the lack of sight enhanced everything; his skin seemed softer, his cock seemed bigger, and my sense of smell was stronger. Everything was magnetized which added another layer to my erotic afternoon.

Holding his cock in one hand I traced my fingers down his long shaft, it felt silky. He responded with a jerk that made my lusty side flourish. I circled my grip around his rod and brought it to my mouth.

"No, no."

Because he didn't let me suck that beautifully hard cock, I licked a wet path down the length of his rod then cradling the head in my hand. I rubbed it across my lips allowing my hungry tongue to take tasty swipes as I moved his cock across my cheeks, feeling the heat of my sexy pilot along my face. "I love the way it feels against my skin."

"I like the way you hold my cock and rub it across your face."

"I want to taste you."

"Go ahead," he moaned and I brought his cock to my mouth where I buried it throat deep. I sucked and continued this slow form of titillating hide and seek until moisture penetrated my thighs.

I was getting the hang of this "taming" and it was turning me on.

I moved his cock over my flesh, rubbing the slick shaft along my jaw, enjoying the sensations of his skin against mine. I taunted his now swollen head, trailing it down my throat to my breasts. I teased my nipples with the warm tip before bringing it back to my mouth for another taste. My pilot's moans were as heavy as my own. I thrust his cock deep into my mouth once again and sucked.

"Oh god." He withdrew and I felt his fingers glide along my inner thigh up to my pussy. The tingle I got when I felt his touch separate my pussy lips was like a pulsating star; wave after shockwave rolled through me.

"Taste me," I urged and jumped when I felt the heat of the tip of his tongue flick over my clit. "Yes!"

He anchored me by my hips into the soft white leather passenger seat as he sliced his tongue up and down my slit. I groaned, not caring who heard out on the Tarmac. The man's tongue was working miracles on my clit.

He'd started his enticing licks down at my wettest point, slowly working his taunting strokes slowly up between my folds. When he got to my clit he'd swipe over my hard bud making me gasp and my body shiver for more. He swirled his tongue several times over my sex button until I felt my body climb to a higher level of stimulation and my mind exploded with every ounce of desire I'd ever felt. He had me. I clamped my thighs around his head and came.

My lover hadn't come yet. So, with every ounce of energy I could find I released him from my hold and blindly traced my fingertips over his muscled chest, taunting him as he'd teased me. I pinched his nipple making him moan then worked my way slowly down his smooth body to his balls, I cupped them in my palm testing their weight; they were heavy with his seed. I tickled my nails under them, teasingly along the sensitive flesh between his thighs.

He groaned and I knew he was close to coming because his breathing came in heavy pumps.

"Fuck them." I place his cock between my breasts and squished them around his erect dick. At first he stroked his cock slowly between my fleshy mounds but as the tension built between us he started thrusting wildly. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute.  “Oh, this is hot. You've got to fuck me.”

He pinned my arms to the back of the chair and thrust his cock into my mouth. "Do you want me to fuck you like this or in that beautiful, wet pussy?" He pulled his cock out of my mouth and removed my blindfold so I could watch him stroke his hand up and down his shaft while waiting for my answer.

"I want you to ride it. Hard." He swooped me up and took my place in the seat and set me atop his lap. The head of his cock pressed at my pussy's opening. "Take all of it."

I slowly slide my wet pussy down his shaft...letting my sensitive walls absorb every thrilling inch of him. He was so large, the size of him took my breath away on entry, but my desire made my pussy adjust quickly. After a few accommodating strokes I was in heaven. I scooted up from my knees to my feet, squat over his cock for more control. I wanted his cock deeper in me and I wanted harder thrusts, in this position I got exactly what I wanted. He drove long and deep matching my rhythm. With each pounding thrust he made he inched me closer to my peak until he made me scream with my first G-spot orgasm.

Oh, I'd tamed his stallion, joined the Mile High Club on the way to Milan and all while he tamed my filly!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Pilot

This morning's fashion show was a disaster and I was running late for my flight to Milan. Before the cab could fully stop at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport's curb, I tossed the fee plus tip at the cabby and flung the door open. That forced him to make a quick stop and I jumped from the cab bumping smack into a handsome man with eyes so blue they had to have been plucked right from the heavens. But I was late and didn't have time to be social.

As the aroma of Grey Flannel Cologne and the smell of leather from his black bomber jacket tickled my senses, I dragged my carry-on bags from the back seat of the musty cab and muttered some kind of an apology to the guy for stepping on his foot. Without waiting for his response, I raced through the doors and the airport as fast as I could. I did pick up the pace, but let's face it, I was wearing a tight white skirt and blouse with red stilettos...I wasn't getting anywhere fast.

I heaved my carry-on, my purse and the ticket to Italy over to my right side so I could check my Rolex. I can make it. I had five minutes to catch the flight. 

I made it through security and finally got to the gate. Where was everyone? I rushed to the boarding desk. Out of breath I asked the girl, "Is this the flight to Milan?"
"It was."
"Was?" I was breathing heavy and feeling faint from the sexy but tight corset I wore under my silk blouse, I had to have heard her wrong. I have two minutes left! "Is it delayed?"
I shook my head. This day wasn't getting any better. "No -- what?"
She finally glanced up at me with a smirk across her bright pink lips and slammed the small drawer to the desk closed. " wasn't delayed."
"Was it cancelled?" I checked my watch again.
She cocked her head with an arrogant tilt. "It left three minutes ago."
If I hadn't been speaking, my chin would have hit the floor. "It can't have left three minutes ago! It isn't supposed to leave for another two minutes!"
The nasty woman locked the drawer with a hard twist and dropped the keys in her pocket. Trying to make her escape from my growing anger, she said, "You're supposed to be at the airport an hour before an International flight."
I caught a glimpse of the leather jacket guy from the corner of my eyes as he slipped out a side-door the wretched girl was heading toward. I chased after her. "A plane can't leave early!"
"When bad weather's can."
"Look! I have to be on that plane."
She turned a snooty nose up at me as she stepped through that same side-door, blocking the opening with her body. "Sorry."
I grabbed her arm. "No, you don't get it. I'm desperate. I have a fashion show in Milan tomorrow night, I can't miss it."
"So catch a reruns of fashion week on TV."
"I don't watch fashion shows, I walk the runway. I'm a model and if I miss this gig..."
She pulled her arm from my grasp. "I really can't help you."
"...the best agent in New York, that I spent two years getting, will drop me, if you don't get to Milan. I'm at your mercy."

I stood there mouth wide open watching her sassy ass walking down the tarmac and hating her. I dropped my carry-on. "What a...."
"She can be." The deep, sexy voice came to my rescue, turning my head to the left of me. There was the man in the black leather jacket I'd run into at curb of departures. His arm hooked lazily over the nose of a beautiful learjet. It was the first I'd noticed he didn't have a shirt on under his leather jacket, so of course I couldn't stop my surveying glance as it slide all the way down his smooth, tanned chest that blatantly flaunted it's ripped, eight pack muscles all the way to the man's hip bones, were his flat stomach V'ed down even further to a more interesting area just out of sight.

In spite of my anxiety over missing my flight, I felt a heat ignite in my core.

His eyes slid to me and squinted, suspecting me as the woman who'd stepped on his foot with her six inch stilettos. My condemnation came when his confirming glance settled on the guilty, red patent leather's in my hand. "Dino Giovonni." He jerked his head in a short nod of introduction.
I thrust my hand out. "Nice to meet you, Dino. Is this your plane?"
"Yes." He smirked and I felt weak kneed at the sight of his beautiful white teeth. "Are you always this way?"
"What way?" I grabbed my dropped bag and sauntered toward him as best I could in bare feet.
"I'm in the modeling business. You have to be a go-get-her or you don't work." He hadn't moved, so I walked up to him stopping with only a few inches between us. "I need to get to Milan. I'll do what I have to do to get there."
He pushed off the nose of the plane and walked toward the back as he wiped the oil off his hands. "Good luck to you Miss--"
"Havens." I said as I followed him. "Will you help me?"
He tossed an arched brow over his shoulder as if surprised I was following him. He stopped and turned to face me. "What do you expect me to do about it?"
I sent an obvious glance to his Learjet. "It fly's doesn't it?"
"Yap, just replaced the retracted hydraulically on the landing gear."
"How about a test flight to Milan?"
His laugh put a flutter in my stomach. "You're one crazy woman, aren't you?"
"I'll buy the gas for this piece of tin."
His brows waved from shock to insult in a split second. "Tin! This is a Learjet 85, the best there is."
I shrugged, pretending to be unimpressed. "Prove it."
He backed me against the fuselage, his hands braced against the glossy white painted body of the Lear on each side of my head. "Miss Havens, I've got nothing to prove. I'm not going to Milan."
I smiled sweetly up at him. I had his ego's attention now. "That's fine. Giovonni is Italian, isn't it?"
His sapphire eyes flashed with the intensity of a blue flamed fire. "Yeah, so?"
"Oh, nothing. You know what they say about Italian pilots." I smiled.
His back stiffened. I pushed at his jailing arms. Big mistake. His biceps flexed. They were as hard as rocks under my touch and I couldn't resist the urge to squeeze them.
His eyes meet mine.
Sparks ignited my brain. This guy was hot. I was finding it hard to hide my attraction.
His voice deepened. "What do they say?"
"All show no blow...isn't that why you don't have a shirt on? Showing off the merchandise, but no touching?" I removed my hand from the boulders he called arms and raked a glance over that muscled stomach again before clearing my throat to say, "They make better lovers, but then again, I have a girlfriend in Milan that tells me Italian men aren't that great in bed either." I smirked at his horrified expression. "Apparently, Italian men are lousy lovers as well."
"That's bull shit, in both categories."
I dropped my shoulders and tilted my head accusingly. "I wouldn't know."
"You're telling me you've never heard the phrase, Italian stallions?"
"All hype." I whispered just before he leaned in and brushed his lips across mine.
He pressed away from me, leaving me breathless.
I gasped for air and caught a whiff of his Grey Flannel. My knee weakened as he spoke.
"Is it?" His mouth softened over mine before I could speak.

The tip of his warm tongue traced my bottom lip encouraging me to open my mouth to him. I did. I wanted to know what his tongue could do to me. His kiss was seductive as it battle with mine. My body heated as his hands roamed up my back and over my ass. Once he conquered my lips, he moved down my neck with phantom kisses so soft they made my clit tingle. Instinctively, my body molded to his, as I ran my hands under his leather jacket to get a feel of those sexy, Arnold Schwarzenegger-like pecs.

"Oh, my god." I breathed heavily into his chest. "Fuck me."
He pressed his body hard against mine. I could feel his erection as he murmured into my neck, "So, you want to test ride the stallion, do you?"

I smiled up at him as I worked the silver buckle on his belt. His strong hands came down over mind and stayed my busy fingers as he backed away and said....

Check back for part two when things really heat up.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bodyguard: Page Two

"Are you serious?" He looked a little surprised when he asked.

"Of course."

He turned away from me. His indigo eyes canvassed the passing scenery. His long fingers reached for then pressed the button to lower the privacy window. "Luke?"

"Yes Sir."

"Take a detour to Saint John's Cemetery off Queens Blvd."

"Saint John's Cemetery? Oookay, but then we can't take the Williamsburg Bridge."

"That's fine. Queen Boulevard will take us right to the Queens Borough Bridge into Manhattan." 

If by intent or by mistake Cage left the privacy window down and moved back to hold me in his strong arms. I felt my body heat with excitement as he searched my eyes for an answer. "You sure you want to do this?"

The devil that I am, my answer was a titillating French kiss. He responded, stroking his tongue against mine in a fevered battle that made my pussy twitch with a stimulating warmth. His hands glided up my arms to uncross the hold I still had on the top of my dress. 

"Luke?" Cage called out to our driver. "Get us to where we need to be and then join us in a menage, will you? The lady here has a need only you and I can take care of."

"Yes, Sir."

My eyes darted toward the front of the limo. Luke's eyes held mine for a second before he glanced away. I felt a tingle between my thighs. I liked knowing he was watching. I murmured, "Suck them," to Cage arching my back just a little as the fabric fell to expose my breasts for Luke's mirrored gaze.  

His head blocked my view of Luke's hungry eyes as he sucked my nipples to hard peaks, making me moan at the delicious sensations. His tongue swirled around my nipple making it hard as I ran my hand up under his shirt to feel his hard muscles hidden under smooth skin. 
His head came up and kissed me again before moving on to my neck. I loved having my neck kissed by his skilled lips. 

They were as soft as velvet. He used his intoxicating lips seductively, caressing the flesh along my neck with demure pecks, before latching on in a gentle suck then blazing down to the groove where he made me squirm in arousal with his vampire-like bite. 

I glanced back toward the front of the limo; a little disappointed Luke wasn't watching. I pulled Cage's shirt off and caught Luke's glance before he returned his lust-filled eyes to the road. Cage untied the knot at my waistband, tossing the long sheet of material to the other seat. His gaze fell to my lacy, white thong. "Sexy."

"I'm glad you approve." I giggled taking them off as Cage removed his pants. 

I couldn't wait to suck his beautiful, hard cock. I heard him moan as I slipped my mouth over the large head and down his lengthy shaft. I flattened my tongue along it as I sucked my way back up to the top, where I swept my tongue around the head and flicked it over the sweet spot, making him groan in pleasure. 

My head bobbed up and down as I sucked and licked his throbbing cock. My mind bursting alive with the erotic power I held in my hand, and my body ablaze with a lusty wetness from the cock in my mouth. 

Sex is addicting.

The limo swerved. Apparently, Luke had nearly missed the  turn-off.

"I know it's tempting to watch but keep your eyes on the road, man." Cage grumbled as he propped his hand against the door for balance. 

I released his cock and he moved in the seat so I could straddle him.   
My wetness encased his shaft like a starving barracuda. I moaned at the glorious fullness inside me as he stroked his cock in and out, slowly tantalizing me with his size. 

I swept my hand over his six-pack stomach, the man was all muscle; well able to protect me and well able to satisfy me with the muscle that counted the most. 

I moved into a squatted position so I could ride his cock with ease. His hands worked my hips as I pounded up and down, my heavy breaths filling the limo as I pumped, bringing myself to a climax. "Oooh, yes! Oh god, this is good."

Cage gripped my hips and forced me to stay down. "Easy. I'm going to explode if you move." 

The thought tempted me to try, and when I did he slapped my hip. "Bad girl!" He circled his arm around my waist and rolled me beneath him where he now held all the power. He taunted me with slow torturous strokes.

I grabbed his hips, pushing and pulling, "Pound me faster. Harder."

Cage gave an amused snort while controlling his thrusts, keeping them at the same slow and steady pace. "I'm just warming you up, Darlin'. I'll get things going hotter once Luke joins us. So relax and enjoy the ride."

"Nooo, I don't want to wait. Fuck me." I gripped at his wide shoulders. "Please...fuck me harder."


"Yes, Sir?" He sounded breathless as the limo took a sharp left.

Cage's deep voice set a fiery desire within me as he said, "Our lusty lady isn't going to wait much longer." Cage withdrew his cock and I protested until I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips apart exposing my wetness to his warm mouth as his tongue glided up and down my pussy. 

"Oooh god." Damn, the man knew how to swirl that tongue in the right places. Tingles rushed through me as he sucked the button of my clit until my body shuttered in climax. 

But my sexy bodyguard didn't let me rest, he darted his tongue in and out of my wet slit, before dragging it back up to my clit. I couldn't stop the gasps and moans of ecstasy that were escaping me. 

In my haze of decadent pleasure I felt the limo come to an abrupt stop and heard Luke exit the car. The next thing I knew the side door opened and Luke stepped in having already removed his hat, coat, shirt, and tie. Once inside he dropped the rest of his uniform and to my surprise and much pleasure he was as well endowed as Cage. 

After a stolen kiss on my swollen lips Luke scooted in behind me, picking me up just enough to recline my back against his hairless chest so he could play with my breasts while placing hot kisses up the back of my neck. I moaned at the deliciousness of all the attention being paid to my breasts, neck and pussy, I was in heaven or so I thought until Cage got up and sat beside me; dick standing straight up like a flag poll.

He patted his thighs. "Come on up, babe." 

I crawled over Luke's muscled leg and quickly slipped my pussy over Cage's cock. "Aaah! Nice." I glanced at Luke. "Come on, let's rock! Get ball's to ball's boys." 

I flipped my hair back and rocked my hips as Luke got up and moved in between Cage's legs to kneel behind me. Cage's hand controlled me by my waist while Luke's worked my hips. 

I'm not sure what Luke used to slick up his finger but it slipped right into my rim. I groaned as my delicate anal walls responded to the silkiness of his entering finger. He worked it in and out, just as Cage was working my pussy with his cock. The duel sensation was mind blowing...I felt  like a nymphomaniac...I needed more of this. I wasn't going to be restrained. I reached back and grabbed Luke's cock, pulling until I got it abutted to my anal opening. "Fuck me!"

Without another word Luke eased the head of his cock in. I tensed. The first penetration is always a virginal experience, but I knew a trick, told to me by a dancer friend of mine, to open that hole up. 

As Cage masterfully pumped my horny pussy, I stimulated my clit which caused my anal muscle to relax enough for Luke to get the rest of his cock in. 

Once he started his gentle stroking I took the glory ride up, higher and higher. I was turned on hot with the images of their balls slapping against each others, as only my thin membrane separated their rubbing was a heady and sumptuous picture that sent my body over the edge.

I screamed in climax as both of them filled me with their bliss.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The bodyguard

From the diary of Miss Havens:

I remember it was midnight when the phone rang. I picked it up to hear his voice; Sebastian Osborne, a sexy, independently wealthy self-made billionaire by the time he was thirty-five, had called asking if I'd like to spend the week with him and a few of our New York friends. Of course I said, yes. Sebastian was an interesting older man. He'd created some tiny little part they used on every shuttle that went into space. Whenever he'd fly into New York, I'd fly up from Miami to meet him. As usual, he was sending his driver to pick me up at the airport, but this time it wouldn't be Eric, apparently he'd taken sick and Sebastian had hired a new driver. 

I heard my name called and glanced up from writing in my diary to look into the most seductive indigo colored eyes I'd ever seen. The young man standing before me radiated pure sex. "Are you Sebastian's new driver?" I asked as his eyes fell shamelessly over me in a hungry sweep. I was instantly attracted by his strong appearance and raven-black hair that hung in a seductive curl over his forehead. 

He gave a cocky smirk that sent a shot of heat to my pussy. "No madam, I'm Cage, Mister Osborne's bodyguard. He sent me to escort you to his home."

"Really? He's never sent a bodyguard before."

Cage took my arm and guided me through the airport. "Mister Osborne has hired a new driver and until he knows the man can be trusted with his--" He raised one of his dark, suggestive eyebrow's at me, "special guests, Mister Osborne has sent me to see you arrive safely."

"Well, I'm impressed that he considers me so special. I guess being old friends counts for something." 

His brow furrowed. "I had the impression you were more than friends."

"No. Sebastian's just a very good friend even though he'd like us to be lovers. I'm not ready for that. I like my freedom and plan on keeping it as long as I can."

"I can see why." Cage slid those indigo eyes over me again. I was wearing what I called my diaper dress. It was a crepe dress that I'd designed to tied around my breasts then drop down the length of my body that I pulled up and tucked between my legs and tie the bottom end around my waist. The style left my back exposed and gave supreme view of my super, long legs. It was a subtle way of stealing the attention of a producer, photographer, or fashion designer when put in a room full of other models. It was a simple dress that drove men crazy trying to see if I wore panties. And I could tell Cage was wondering just that as I caught his gaze roaming down my thigh one more time. 

As a tingle of excitement ran through me I stammered, "Ah, my luggage is down stairs at baggage."

His warm hand pressed against the flesh of my lower back, and I felt my heart pick up in beat. Was it my imagination, or did I feel his thumb stroke over my back? "Don't worry, I already sent Luke, the driver, to get your luggage. Step this way Miss Havens."

I followed his lead sneaking a glance at his cute ass, and flushed when he caught me looking. He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me through the crowd of an arriving gate toward the elevators. We waited only a few minutes for the doors to open. A rush of people filed out in a hurry to catch their planes. Cage blocked anyone from bumping into me with his broad shoulders. Once the elevator was empty, I felt his arm circle around me, guiding me to the back of the elevator toward one corner to stand. He stood facing me, his back to the rest of the crowd. 

As the people crammed in to the tiny space his body pressed into mine, our eyes met. His succulent mouth parted, and I fought the draw he had on me. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to feel his sculptured lips all over me. My blood raced when his head fell forward as if to kiss me. I placed my hands on his chest; feeling nothing but hard muscles beneath his cotton shirt. His eyes sparkled with lust as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip. My gaze followed that wet, seductive path. My pussy twitched and heated with desire. I wanted him and he knew it.  

His deep voice drew me back to the reality that we stood in an elevator full of people. "Sorry about this. I had hoped to get you out of here before the other gates disembarked. It's always like this at JFK." Someone grunted in agreement as the elevator doors opened. Just a few people got out, but it gave the rest of us a little breathing room. Cage backed up a step, but he was still too close for me to breath. His cologne was intoxicatingly alluring. He raised his arm to straighten his disheveled tie, but the back of his hand brushed against my breast. I gasped at the contact. I was braless and the thin, crepe material did little to hide my now hard nipples. 

"Are you cold?"

"No." I shot what I'd hoped was an indignant glance at him, but his amused smile and cute facial dimples rendered me powerless. This man was too sexy, too confident and way too cocky for me, but he was turning me on big time. I was shaking I wanted him that badly. As if catching on to my thoughts, he braced his hands on each side of my head and pressed in toward me, tilting his head at a sexy angle. I drew a deep breath and prayed I didn't press up on my tip-toes to kiss him, his charisma was that strong. The man should have been a rock star not a bodyguard. I abutted my hand against him again. "Need I remind you, we're in a full elevator?" I whispered up at him, but I know most of the others heard even though they were pretending they hadn't.

"It's my job to guard your body, Miss Havens. That's why they call me a bodyguard."  

A man somewhere at the front of the elevator snickered then groaned as if someone had hit him in the ribs. Thank god the doors opened again and most of the people got out. When Cage moved away from me I could see only two older women remained with obvious disapproval written all over their pinched faces. One of them even huffed at him and I had to hold back my laughter. I was grateful when another stop came and Cage pulled me from the elevator. He said to the two older women as the doors closed, "Good evening ladies." 

Feeling a little stronger now that I wasn't pressed against him, I dared to say, "Who did Sebastian send to protect me from you?"

His grin widened, the arrogant smirk on his handsome face told me he was quite aware of the stir he'd caused in me. The moment we exited the building I saw one of my bags disappear into the trunk of Sebastian's waiting limo. And got a quick glimpse of our driver, Luke, a Brad Pitt look-alike if there ever was one. I looked toward the back and saw him leaning around from the rear of the car, eyeing my long legs as Cage ushered me into the limo. He followed me in as the driver finished putting my luggage into the back. Before I could get settled, Cage leaned toward me and said, "Do you want protection from me?"

I crossed my legs against the wetness forming there and hoped to keep myself from kissing him right then and there. "I need protection from you."

"That's not what I asked." He leaned in closer, his lips so close I could smell the sweet scent of wintergreen. "I asked if you wanted protection from me?"

It felt as if all my breath had left me, how did I answer such directness? Suddenly the driver's door opened and the sandy-blond driver slid into the front seat, eyeing me from his mirror. Cage noticed Luke's interest and rolled the smoky glass partition up so he couldn't hear or see us. Cage cupped my chin and pulled my attention to him. "You haven't answered me yet?"

"And I'm not going to."

"Because you don't know what you want, or because you don't want to admit to the instant sexual attraction?" He slipped his hand behind my neck and brought my mouth to his. 

I didn't stop him. 

Our mouths fused together in a joint hunger of lusty passion. I liked  the way he kissed and I wanted more. As I deepened the thrust of our battling tongues I felt his fingers pull the tie at the back of my dress. He broke away from the kiss and pressed his words to my ear. "You look too fucking sexy in this dress. I can't resist you."

"I don't want you to." I pulled his blazer off and yanked at his shirt, quickly making my way down to his belt buckle. He stayed my hands. "Give me a minute." He pressed a button on the door's side panel. The privacy window lowered. "Luke? Take the longest way you can into Manhattan." He rolled the glass sheet up, falling back into the seat he pulled me against him. "Do you want to fuck or just make-out?"

"What about him?"

"Don't worry, Luke's an old friend of mine. I got him this job. He knows to be discreet."

I smiled, " don't get it. I want you both. Why settle for the cock of one man when I can have two?" 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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